Meeting program

Welcome to the programme of the international meeting VIRTUAL EDUCA CONNECT, where we hope to see you all online.

More than two hundred and fifty conferences, talks, workshops and presentations are planned, which will make Virtual Educa Connect a unique experience, and we invite you to share this experience with us.

The plenary sessions will be broadcasted live from the Auditorium and the rest of the thematic sessions are prerecorded. These are programmed in four parallel rooms [AUDITORIUM, ROOM TEJO, ROOM DOURO ROOM MONDEGO, ROOM MINHO WORKSHOPS]], and in addition, there is a specific room for Workshops and another one for Aula 2030.

Those who cannot attend the live or prerecorded sessions in the scheduled time slots, have the possibility, through the platform, to see them later, since these will be available outside the calendar.

We look forward to seeing you in our virtual venue, from the 21 st to the 23 rd of July 2020!

The timetable of the programme is based on the Lisbon, Portugal time zone.

Sede virtual de
Virtual Educa Connect

La plataforma más innovadora para Encuentros y Congresos virtuales.

Main areas in the Meeting

Exhibition area

Consists of an interactive space and an exhibition of applied technologies, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, etc.

Aula 2030

Presentation of impact technologies.

Networking Area

Space where you can contact attendees, speakers, exhibitors in group chats or 1:1

Main auditorium

Area dedicated to the plenary sessions or relevant talks, presentations by public institutions, round tables, keynote speakers, authors, disseminators, etc.

5 thematic rooms with parallel sessions

Workshops and conferences program

Area for the exchange of experiences and presentation of best practices models

Exponential models

Corporate talks

Virtual Educa