The General Secretariat of Virtual Educa, with the support of its global partners, adopted the decision to organize the Global Forum on Innovation in Education, starting 2017. This pronouncement was made in accordance with the 2014 Board of Virtual Educa agreement, to widen the scope of the institution to a global level. The decision was based on the excellent results achieved by the Multilateral Forum on Innovation in Education, initiated at Virtual Educa Santo Domingo 2010, and the relevance of the Regional Forum for Innovation in Education, as a part of GESS México since 2015.

The Forum links the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development Goals [approved by the United Nations General Assembly, September 2015] with the Multilateral Initiative of Education for Human Development (IMEDH), comprised by the OAS, Virtual Educa, UNESCO, Latin American and Caribbean Parliament (PARLATINO) and UDUAL. The Forum recognizes the critical role that Education plays in global societies derived from the technological paradigm. It underscores the need to generate dialogue and cooperation between the public and private sectors [Public Private Partnership (PPP)] at the highest level

The Global Forum has the following backbones:
  • Conceptual
    The Forth Industrial Revolution: new economy / new society.
  • Strategic
    The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. And beyond…
  • Technological
    The technological paradigm, basis of the global society and economy.
The reference framework is:
  • Innovation, a multiple interaction process

  • Public-private cooperation in action
Regarding the main topics, the Global Forum first edition will focus on:
  • Quality in Education for all
  • Technology: infrastructure, connectivity and devices
  • Funding and sustainability


The 1st edition of the Global Forum, is scheduled to take place during the semester of 2018 in Brazil [Salvador de Bahía, june 18-20]. It was announced at the III Seminar of Innovation in Education with ICT Latin American and Caribbean Directors Network, which coordinates Virtual Educa [Porto, Portugal, October 13th- 14th 2016].

Está previsto que el II Foro Global tenga lugar en África [Kenia] y el III Foro en Asia [Singapur].