Just as White is widely recognized as the color of peace; Green, the color of our environment; and Pink, the color of breast cancer awareness; BLUE is the color of our planet and frontier thinking. It will take thinking differently - thinking blue - to truly incubate and sustain transformation, starting with our young people. In thinking blue, we are truly exponential.



Al Gore: battle against climate change is like fight against slavery

The fight against global warming is one of humanity’s great moral movements, alongside the abolition of slavery, the defeat of apartheid, votes for women and gay rights, according to the former US vice-president and climate campaigner, Al Gore.

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Towards a Climate-Smart World: 12 Ways for a Resilient Future

The ceiling of Rai Tabusoro’s home was ripped away by catastrophic winds. The 43-year-old was able to save the life of his elderly mother by placing her in a concrete bathroom, as well as a pregnant woman who he carried to shelter.
In the same Fijian village, ...