Paint the Education

Thanks to so many inspiring teachers, students develop the skills and knowledge they need to lead successful lives and positively impact the world. 

With our initiative Paint the Education we seek not only to reward teachers, but also to celebrate and underline the importance of their role in society. There are not enough words to express the importance of education and the of presence of teachers and its positive influence in the lives of students, so in this case we choose a more intuitive, direct, and sincere way of expression.

The absence of culture generates emptiness and we want to fill that space with art, love and dedication, through the initiative Paint the Education, that will happen live during our event. A special online session will be created within the event platform, where the content will always be available.

The guest artist will create a concept and work on it live for the three days during the event. The creation process will always be available to view and consult through a live transmission so that everyone can feel part of this great project.

Finally, during the closure of the event, we will demonstrate the completed work, which will be a striking image of post-Covid education. All those interested will also be able to see the summary of the entire creation process in a time-lapse video. Digital copies of the work will be given away to the teachers who participated in the event, as a token of appreciation for their much-needed work.

It is our honour to be able to create this unique moment in which, for the first time, education is painted whilst being talked about.

The Artist

Luzia Lage

Born in October 1962, in Lisbon, Portugal, she completed the Design and Painting Course at IADE. At the same time she attended the Painting Course at the University of Fine Arts in Lisbon. Her work is revealed through animistic expressionism. Her first solo exhibition has been held to great acclaim in 1996 and since then her works have been featured in over 25 other solo exhibitions and countless group exhibitions.


1st Prize in the category of Plastic Arts "Female Personage of Portugal 2009", through popular country vote

International awards

Winner of the “Painting and Fidelity to the Art” awarded in 2015 and presented by Mark Leivikov, President of the Moscow Board of Trustees and honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts.




“… The Art of Luiza Lage, that is, these reproductions of an exhibition to which I won´t be present, tell me many things, but also create in me the bewilderment for her. It tells me that it is simultaneously strong and subtle, frontal and elliptical, traditional and innovative, feminine and masculine, powerful and vulnerable, deformed and graceful. Roger Fry used to say that art is a significant deformity. But it can also be graceful deformity. The titles are also significant: they appeal to understanding, memory, modesty, culture, courtesy, tradition. “The Mystery of Culture”… The ignorance of culture? The neglect of culture? Abandoning culture? (Almost without columns? Without tradition?). ”

“… But then does the art redeems us, as Huxley wanted, from a chaotic, senseless and completely evil life? Are Luzia's words here to return culture, courtesy, to a good understanding, to a healthy tradition, to modesty that does not exclude intensity? I would say yes. I would like that. It is very likely that it will. ”


From the text for the exhibition “Mysteries of the Culture”, 2007

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