Medellín is in Colombia and is considered the second most important city in the country after Bogotá, the capital, from where they come, about 48 daily direct flights with a duration of approximately half an hour, being the city with the highest number of connections with the capital.

It is in the Cordillera Central, which is one of the three branches of the Cordillera de los Andes, the most important mountain chain in Latin America. This makes it a city in a region surrounded by mountains and nature.

Medellín has around 2.5 million inhabitants, which added to the inhabitants of the nine municipalities of its metropolitan area gives a total of almost 3.8 million, who are characterized by being part of a hospitable culture, always friendly and with a high sense of belonging to the city.


¡Getting around Medellin is very easy! In fact, the Medellín Metro is part of a complete integrated transport system made up of: metrocables, trams, public bicycles, and buses with preferential lanes.

Something very positive is that through El Metro de Medellín it is possible to reach almost all the tourist places of Medellín for 2,400 pesos (about 0.66 USD) value per trip for 2020, (the same average value of a bus ticket).


Electricity in Colombia is 110 volts and 60 Hertz (cycles per second) type of plugs are type A and B.