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CIFAL Argentina concludes workshop on social-environmental conflicts

The International Training Centre for Authorities and Leaders in Argentina (CIFAL Argentina) hosted the Social-Environmental Conflicts workshop from a community transparency system perspective. The main objective of this event was to strengthen capacities and relationships between the government, private sector and community to facilitate dialogue on social and environmental issues.

This event is the first workshop ever carried out from a community transparency system perspective which implies the close participation of the community in the public-private sector dialogue regarding potential solutions for social and environmental local issues. In addition, this system also enhances accountability from the community leaders to decision-makers at implementing these solutions.

This workshop gathered around 10 members of the Transparency Community Movement and EcoConciencia Foundation. Furthermore, it was recognized by international institutions such as the United Nations Development Program, the Canadian Institute for the International Development of Natural Resources and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

At the end of this workshop, participants expressed their high level of satisfaction as topics were innovative and relevant at their workplaces

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