Elevate education exponentially

An Exponential Education is our response to the transformative challenges in our modern society, including the way we look at the lifelong learning processes. On the one hand, ICT has become a familiar part of Education systems all over the world, while, on the other, we observe that the ‘extended classroom’ in necessary for the 21st century societies to address challenges from both different and complementary points of view.

Klaus Schwab, Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, makes explicit in his book ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’ that unparalleled change at a quick path will substantially modify the world as we know it in the next few years. Therefore, the 2030 Agenda takes the form of a temporal frontier foreshowing what the world to be. We must start taking the required - vital for our survival - measures to forge the future we want, beginning with a reconceptualization of the learning process.

To do that, Education must take center stage as an essential component of equitable and sustainable development. Education must be intimately linked, in real-time, to the evolving needs and challenges of our society, economy, and environment. To this effect, education can no longer be a passive construct, but it must rather be embedded into our dynamic new world, enabled by technology. The algorithm for that enormous task is based in Exponential technologies, involving Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Artificial intelligence, etc. To reach the Sustainable Development Goals, we will have to have a hand in transforming the way humanity thinks, learns, and acts.

We aim to transform the way in which humanity learns and experiences the world through technology and innovation in education.

Our vision

We believe that Virtual Educa “Blue” Education Agenda is a powerful idea, and our best resources and technology must converge around it. Our vision is therefore the following:

  • To make full use of new exponential technologies including promoting the Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Artificial intelligence and emerging new technologies to create not only a sustainable economy but a scenario where thinking and learning evolve exponentially.

  • To make full use of learning at scale systems as well as new mobile learning strategies.

  • To leverage networks and virtual communities at maximum performance, to support human congregation and knowledge development around ocean themes initially, and other areas thereafter.

Our objective

Our objective is threefold:

  • Develop an Exponential Education System, to aid in the timely achievement of the sustainable development goals by 2030 and shape the future beyond.

  • Implement new mechanisms for the Education Systems and Higher Education organizations.

  • Create a Blue Fund, to finance a Quality Education for those facing exclusion.

Think Blue, powered by Virtual Educa

Think Blue is a platform that will eventually evolve beyond oceans and speak to the need of
elevating Education to greater heights and purpose.
Together with Virtual Educa and its global partners we aim to Elevate Education to exponential
levels, leveraging disruptive technologies in support of an ‘extended classroom’ model of education.

Virtual Educa is an initiative established in 2001 under the auspices of the Organization of the American States (OAS), with the goal of boosting innovation in Education for social transformation and sustainable development, with an emphasis in Latin America and the Caribbean. Virtual Educa operates through an alliance of institutional organizations, cooperation agencies and public and private institutions, gathering the public, corporate, academic and civil society sectors.

Starting in 2017, Virtual Educa put together the Global Forums for Innovation in Education series, whose first edition will be held in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, June 2018, focused on South - South Cooperation, including the launching of OECS / CROP / THINK BLUE U initiative.

Virtual Educa is a strategic transversal initiative on Innovation in Education, supported by the Organization of American States (OAS), World Bank’s Youth to Youth (Y2Y), SDGF / UNDP, UNESCO, Interamerican Development Bank (IDB), Latin American and Caribbean Parliament (PARLATINO), Organization of Ibero American States for Education, Science and Culture, as well as most Governments in the region. Its corporate Global Partners are INTEL, GOOGLE, JP GROUP, HP, ECS and BI-BRIGHT, while other top of the scale companies are Sponsors.

The TBEA is being conformed by multilateral organizations, cooperation agencies, governments, corporate conglomerates, universities networks and NGO.