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Lisbon 2020

For the first time in the last decade, we are back in Europe. Lisbon, the Capital City of Portugal, is an unique environment of traditions as well as 21st century trends and opportunities [for example, the Web Summit takes place here every year in November]. A part of the European Union, Portugal is an obvious link of the Americas with Europe and Africa.

XX Virtual Educa Argentina 2018 Data

15,000 Participants
37 Countries
450 Presentations
275 Workshops

Institutional Partnership

The Virtual Educa international annual symposiums are sponsored by multilateral organizations and governmental agencies of the host country. They also have the support of many organizations in Latin America, the Caribbean, the European Union, etc., which has made them a hemispheric paradigm.

Exhibition Area

Associated with the symposium, annually takes place the International Expo 'Education, Innovation and ICT', with the participation of the corporate sector, international pavilions, Virtual Educa partners, as well as the Popup school and the 2030 Classroom, based on impact technologies, as a part of the interactive space.

Symposium's Structure

Multilateral Forum on
Education and Innovation
Academic program
and Workshops
Exchange of

Our Symposiums and Forums are made possible by

Global Partners

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Strategic Partners, Benefactors and Collaborators

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Virtual Educa Symposiums Protagonists

Diego Molano Vega Ministro TIC Colombia [2010-2015]
ALEJANDRO G. PADILLA Gobernador Puerto Rico [2013 -2017]
Marisol Espinoza Cruz Vicepresidenta Primera Perú [2011-2016]
ALBERTO SILEONI Ministro de Educación Argentina [2009 - 2015]
RUBÉN D`AUDIA Gerente General Educ.ar Argentina [2011 - 2015]
MARÍA FERNANDA CAMPO Ministra de Educación Colombia [2010 -2014]
DAVID BERNIER Secretario de Estado Puerto Rico [2013 - 2015]
JOSEFINA PIMENTEL Sec. de Est. de Educación Rep. Dominicana [2011 -2013]
JOSÉ MIGUEL INSULZA Secretario General (OEA) [2005 - 2015]
CECILIA M. VÉLEZ WHITE Ministra de Educación Colombia [2002 - 2010]
DR. PAWAN G. PATIL Senior Economist World Bank [2016 - ]
AUGUSTO ESPINOSA Ministro de Educación Bolivia [2013]

2030 Agenda

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) - 2030 Agenda 2030, approved by the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015, include as Objective 4 a ‘Quality Education for all’, which Virtual Educa links to an Exponential vision of Human Capital Development, in the face of the challenges raised by the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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Argentina 2018
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Colombia 2017
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