Spark global collaboration

Global collaboration is becoming more of a reality than a dream through the use of technology. Genius Plaza strives to democratize education and digital tools like Genius Plaza is making it possible. Global learning projects should be integrated at some point in the school year by educators at all levels. We will give advice on how to make it possible and share the benefits of Global Collaboration.

Tips on Implementation of Global Collaboration

First, teachers should build good habits of collaboration between the classroom and their peers. As an educator when creating lesson plans and reviewing your curriculum, you want to make sure you have and allow enough time for the project to be completed. Don’t go too fast too soon, set the pace. When facilitating the collaboration create opportunities for students to have conversations and let them lead. Time management for educators and their classes is critical. Also, make information collected by subgroups available to all because it can help solve impediments and spark ideas.

Next, go local before going global. Teachers should try the project and processes with another class in their school. This will give them a chance to figure out what digital tools they are going to use like Genius Plaza, to make collaboration a reality. Educators will be able to answer questions, they normally would not have thought of until doing a local trial. Facilitators need to make sure they have clear expectations and outcomes they want when the project is completed and if they see those results in the local run.

Finally, deciding on a global learning project to execute. We recommend implementing an existing project for a teacher’s first global collaboration. Teachers can find resources and ideas for projects at Global Guide and iEARN. Once a teacher feels confident and succeeded with their first global learning project, they can create their own. When creating a project, it helps to have a social media presence so the teacher can post ideas and find possible partners to collaborate with.

Remember when trying out anything new there will be bumps along the road, roll with punches and keep the goal in mind.

Student Attainments

Students will learn and acquire many skills through global collaboration. Students will become protagonists of their own learning through discovery. Global collaboration will allow educators to break down their classroom walls and use the world as their classroom. Global learning projects allow students to use their higher order thinking skills and not just memorization. Peer to Peer teaching has been proven to motivate and engage learners and global collaboration allows that to happen at a higher level. The students act as the subject matter experts because of their location and experiences. When students meet with peers from around the globe they develop a sense of empathy. They see first hand how other communities live and the different type of hurdles they face.